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About Truetor:

What We Offer!

On a small scale, our groundbreaking AI tutor will create summaries, short answer and multiple choice practice questions, and an interactive practice test for ANY topic you enter. On a large scale, however, Truetor AI offers a challenge to the way we’ve looked at learning for years, and utilizes technology of the future to prepare students for that future.

Our Mission!

We at Truetor work to connect students and teachers with the future of learning. We strive to make sure each student learns in whatever way suits them best and will continue to work to help every student thrive.

Our Founders!

Razi Marshall

Co-Founder and manager of Truetor website, social media, and more projects to come.

Reach me at [email protected]

Max Lachut

Co-Founder and manager of Truetor AI programming and development.

Reach me at [email protected]

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